Birth Support

The birth of a child is one of the most memorable days of one's life and a doula is there to walk you though it.


My support is unique in that we are here just for you and your family. From helping you to find the right care providers for you, to navigating pregnancy and planning for the postpartum time, I am your resource for informational and emotional support throughout this time. I join you for your labor and stay with you until after the birth. I visit you postpartum to help you ease into this transition with the right information and support for you. Everyone's path is unique, and I hope to guide you gently down yours. 


A free consultation is offered for anyone thinking of hiring a doula for birth support. The consultation is approximately 30-40 minutes in-person or via phone during which we discuss birth preferences, any questions you may have about doula services, go over the details of our contract, and see if we are a good fit. I always tell perspective clients to choose the doula they feel most comfortable with since they will be spending a lot of intimate time together!

During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, we will meet (at your home or location of choice) to discuss your priorities, preferences, and any concerns about your birth. We can review childbirth preparation basics, practice comfort techniques, prepare you for breastfeeding and develop a postpartum plan.

  • Email, text, and phone support throughout your pregnancy.

  • On call for you 24/7 starting week 37.

  • Provide resources and referrals, as needed.

During Labor & Delivery

I come to your birthing location when you request and stay for the duration of your labor and birth.

  • Help you understand what is expected at each stage of birth.

  • Help you and your partner navigate your birth setting (especially helpful for hospital-based births).

  • Assist with comfort techniques, including: guided breathing, relaxation, movement, effective positions for labor and comforting touch/counter-pressure.

  • Foster good communication with your medial team and help you gather the information you need to make informed decisions about your birth.

  • Provide continuous emotional, physical and informational support.

After Delivery

I remain with you 1-2 hours after the birth to support the birthing person’s desire to bond and lactation support to ensure comfortable nursing relationship for both or, transition family to recovery immediate after birth so that bonding and rest can take place.

Postpartum Visit

Within two weeks of the birth, we can have one postpartum visit. Additional postpartum services can be discussed if you are interested.

  • We can discuss your birth experience.

  • Address any questions you have and provide any necessary referrals or resources.

  • Make sure breastfeeding is off to a good start

My services are flexible and tailored to your specific needs, please contact me for a quote. Sliding scale services offered to those in need.