So it's 2013, and I seem to be sleeping less and less these days. I'm not a big fan of New Years resolutions, as they end up seeming like ultimatums, rather than directional paths. However, I've been exploring new/different directional paths I'd like to take lately and with a nod towards New Year, I ought to write them down.

  1. More involvement with user experience and architecture of my work. A greater focus on product less on visuals. A visual design greatly enhances a product, but a shitty product will always be such. I love the problem solving that goes into the product puzzle. 
  2. Engage in the proposal process. What the client wants v. what will enhance their brand and customer base. What's the story being told
  3. Push Boundaries
    Keep an eye toward the future, not reactionary. Where is technology and social interactions headed
  4. Keep wearing multiple hats and work on a variety of task (I like to stay stimulated)
  5. Better process and structure
  6. Greater involvement with a vibrant and supportive community of designers
  7. Create more art and explore interests. Cross pollination
  8. Host dinner parties (once I finish building the heaviest table ever)
  9. Clean my apartment more regularly

Some of these things are definitely already happening (some more than others) as well as a mashup of career and personal. But hopefully, a written list will focus... at least a little bit for me to get what I want out of things. :)