Sharewave Launched!

I can't  believe the product that I've been working on for the last 6 months or so has finally launched! (in beta, of course) We have invited select companies to begin to use the service and get their feedback in terms of usability and additional features. In prior design roles, I've never really been able to interact with end users. There's always been a bubble around my design and the client (usually a marketing person who wouldn't be the end user), so I've not had the opportunity to hear direct comments. This launch makes me super excited to see the initial response to Sharewave.

Working at Sharewave has been my first time working for a company as an in-house designer rather than as an outside consultant from a studio and has been a completely different experience for me. When looking for a new position last year, I was interested to work in-house to have ownership and pride in what I was creating as well as direct interactions with the engineers creating the product. What I wasn't anticipating was being the sole person responsible for design as well as learning how to increment features to match rounds of scope.

The guys at Sharewave are super hip on current technology trends and definitely wanted to go with a flatter design once I pitched the idea. While I've had to fight for a different typeface than Helvetia Neue Thin, design direction was up to me. So I've had to push myself to do better and continuously re-evaluate the ui and ux all with keeping in mind what the engineering team is currently working on. There's been points in this whole process that I just have to say "it's ok," even if it's not the quality I ultimately want just so we can get the product to the beta list of users. Now that we have something to launch, I'm able to edit current design and start adding new features!

 Ike, Sharewave's mascot. 

Ike, Sharewave's mascot.