Domino Sugar Factory

This week, Two Trees Management and Shop Architects released renderings for the Domino Sugar Refinery redevelopment. And everyone. is. talking. about. it.

Development Rendering

What I find interesting about this project is not the architectural merit or the specifications of the development but rather what will happen to the surrounding neighborhood. The project is so massive with 60-story buildings; 2,284 residences; 80,000 SF of retail; and 630,000 SF of offices all on 11 acres. That will result a huge influx of residents, tourists, and businesses. Currently, there is a sense of community in this part of Williamsburg that I don't feel on Bedford Ave or North 7th or the high rises on the waterfront that is a result of development. Those revitalized areas give a sense that everyone is just passing through and no one's real home. So I wonder what kind of vibe this project will bring to the area. Will it be one of isolated people who happen to live in close proximity or one of people working on a community together?

 Site Map

Site Map

In my interest in this project and researching it, I realized that Shop is really putting their mark on the city and I wonder if there are alternate and still worthwhile views coming from architects with large city planning projects. Also, I desperately want to redesign Shop's website. It took me 10 minutes to figure out there were multiple pages of projects!