New client, new work, new sources of anxiety

A friend works for the Development Office at Mount Sinai and I was recently contracted to do a few jobs for them. I get majorly nervous and anxious with new clients. I can't stop thinking "will they like what I made?" and "is this what they expect?" I know they wouldn't have hired me if they didn't like my work, but I still have this anxiety. 

One of the jobs is to create a map handout for the new Blau Center's ribbon cutting event. The new space integrates all these angular cutouts and interactivity on the walls so I tried to integrate these aspects into the piece while still making everything legible and coherent. I was provided a sample from a similar ribbon cutting event and mine looks radically different. It's a different space, of course, but the anxiety in me questions whether or not I should follow closer. 

Map side

Information side

The client didn't have much to comment about layout and design. Most of their edits involved the details like leading and alignments. So hopefully, my anxiety starts to dissipate and I gain steady work from Mount Sinai.

Rendering of Jack Martin Fund Play Space by Rockwell Group