Clarity Car Insurance

Prospective designs to develop the visual identity of a car insurance company

Clarity Car Insurance Branding

Prospective designs for a car insurance company to develop of the visual identity and interactive look & feel, while the naming of the company was being decided. The two schemes differ in both their look and feel but the user interaction with the data.

Scheme 1

Features an overlay to enter ownership information for searching best rates. Input fields are a seamless search in an interactive mad-lib style that the system smart predicts as user types. The results page shows cheapest rate first with re-editable search fields. Brand look and feel maintains a cheerful, sunny disposition with a limited palette, rounded corners, and aspirational imagery.


Features a subdued palette, bold graphics and more traditional input fields for a serious, we-mean-business brand system.

role: Visual & Interactive Designer  |  2014

 Example of a web advertisement

Example of a web advertisement