Business tool for private companies to organize, visualize and share information with their investors


Sharewave is a business tool designed to help users simplify their business paperwork and help them build their business. First, we identified the core business needs: ownership and its paper trail. Second, we needed a way to connect those needs. Finally, we aimed to support the shareholders and optionees by giving them a platform to view their ownership. The resulting design is a one-of-a-kind platform allowing everyone involved with a business to connect, collaborate, and share information. I worked to create a cohesive experience that positioned the company in the B2B world through visual design, copywriting, branding, and user experience.


Capitalization Table

The centerpiece of the product is its capitalization table. The table allows the business owner to keep a complete history of their company ownership, from initial setup to IPO. Every transaction can be supported by legal documents, and are easy to adjust later.

When exploring how the user can view or edit a cell's terms, we explored popup modals; separate pages; and a right rail drawer. The right rail drawer allows the user to navigate the spreadsheet and top-tier information while actively editing the terms associated with the cell.


User Accounts

Businesses often have a lot of contacts to keep up-to-date on their company information including shareholders, employees, lawyers, and accountants. The interaction between everyone needed to be properly secure so that the company is always in control of what users can see; yet allow all users to always interact with their ownership in a company. 

Owner Dashboard

Shareholder Dashboard

User dashboards are representative of this access to information. The owner has access to all company information and additional tools to support and enhance the data. Whereas the shareholder account can be permissioned by the company to see appropriate data (all data, individual data, or a combo) while incorporating alerts such as documents to approve and messages received. 

Launch site



Established word mark with prospective icons to replace monster mascots

Monster mascots (left) created for SXSW advertising and as applied to apparel (right)

role: Creative Director  |  2012-2015