SL Green

SL Green iPad App

Internal iPad application for SL Green highlighting their large Manhattan portfolio and business departments. 

The one of the app's central functions is to navigate users and prospective tenants to properties. The user is able to navigate properties through an interactive map interface or in list view. This allows the user to quickly get to the property they are looking for or explore properties, transit hubs, and subway lines within a selected neighborhood.

Map with properties; Map with properties and transit hubs; Map with properties and subway lines

The map interface was the most complex navigation and visuals within the app, and it was used to inform user interactions, and visual design.

Sketches showing filter functionality and property navigation.

Property information section features specifications, images, floorplans, availabilities, and 3D building renderings for corresponding information offering a robust experience for leasing.

A system of information pages were created for statistics, graphs, and charts.

client: SL Green  |  studio: Union  |  DD: Clint Bottoni  |  role: Lead UI/UX Designer  |  2011